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Network Deployment and Management

Cirrata offers a wide range of network implementation and management solutions. We use industrial strength equipment that provides your business a highly secure and robust environment while also granting efficient accessibility.

File and Document Management

File and document management is a critical foundation of most businesses.  Cirrata provides a secure and robust document management solution that enables your organization to store and collaborate on files as if they were residing on your local computer.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cirrata takes a multi-level approach to backup and recovery, because data loss can occur locally, on one device or machine, or in catastrophic cases companywide.  Best practices dictate a balance of both onsite and offsite backups frequently updated and intelligently archived.

Application Management and Hosting

Many businesses have specific applications they use in their operations.  Cirrata will work with you and you organization to support and host these applications. 

Security and Breach Mitigation

Security for your organization takes many forms and shapes and needs to adopt to the ever changing landscape of risks as well as your organization’s workflow.  There is no reason why groups can’t have the benefit of data accessibility, collaboration and remote access and not do it in a secure manner. 

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management has taken on a bigger role in recent years as the workforce becomes more distributed and reliant on mobile devices.  Adding to this complexity is the fact that many employees are using their own mobile devices for both personal and work.

Email and Collaboration

Cirrata offers a wide array of email and collaboration tools for your organization, from Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 to traditional webmail and imap/pop accounts.  We will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and find the right blend.

Remote Access and Mobile Workforce

In the modern workplace, employees are on the move and working remotely and many times needing to access company assets while on the road.  Cirrata provides a wide range of remote access solutions that enable employees to work remotely as if they were in the office.

Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Cirrata is a big believer in the Private Cloud versus Public Cloud and as such will help guide our partners to Private Cloud solutions wherever practical.  With Private Cloud all of the convenience and accessibility of Public Cloud can be attained with better performance and without compromising security and privacy.

Strategic and Tactical Support

In many ways we believe this is our greatest value add to our partners.  With Cirrata you and your organization get the benefit of having seasoned professionals that will take the time to understand your business and work with you to better leverage your information technology.  It’s like having your own CIO or CTO.

Telephony and Communication Services

The new generation of IP telephony brings a high level of workflow optimization to any business. Our IP telephony solutions are feature rich and highly configurable.  We will work with your organization to find the best solution that fits your workflow needs.