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As a manager of many accounts working with a team that is often on the road and on deadlines across time zones, Cirrata has made it possible for us to work together in real time no matter where we are.

Business software doesn’t “need” to be expensive or complicated. It needs to work when you do.

Data back-up, recovery and security don’t “need” to be out of reach. They need to be seamless, painless, and affordable.

Your “partners” don’t need to hold you hostage with confusing contracts. Free yourself to work smarter, not harder, with Cirrata’s Teamwork on Demand.

Teamwork on Demand brings together the most important collection of business hardware and software tools that enable collaboration, and delivers them in one simple platform with one monthly price. Needs change? Add services. Needs change the other way? Cancel. (Our cancellation rate is very nearly zero.)

Here is what you get by adding Cirrata to your team today:

CIRRATA SHARE: World-class secure storage and access.

CIRRATA CONNECT: Live meetings and remote access without limits.

CIRRATA CONTACT: Secure email, databases, and instant messaging.

CIRRATA SECURE: ISO standard security with no investment.

CIRRATA RECOVERY: Disaster recovery, service and setup included.

See the power of Cirrata yourself!

Have a Cirrata representative contact you today and learn how Cirrata's Teamwork on Demand can turn a collection of people into a team.

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