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Connecticut Innovations supports companies with great ideas, great people and great potential to succeed. We believe Cirrata will serve as a catalyst for business growth in our state, and beyond.
-Frank A. Dinucci
CI President and Executive Director

Cirrata Share

Teamwork demands being on the same page.

Cirrata Share. Unlimited storage of your files and folders, secured locally, secured remotely, and with powerful access management features as easy to use as any web browser. Know that your critical information is secure, on your premises, under your control. With your Cirrata box and our Cirrata Share, you can.

For a low monthly fee, this solution offers you:

boxAn easy way to create, manage and share information. Using the Windows Explorer “drag and drop” look and feel, this tool enables you to create, manage and securely share an unlimited amount of folders and files – of any size, and with all the users you authorize – from any Internet connection through a web browser.

boxComplete access control. Protect your sensitive information. You create and manage authentication to any of your folders, as well as restrict access to "read only" or "read and write", for individual users.

boxSecure access to your data – anywhere, anytime, from any computer. Stop lugging your laptop. Your Cirrata solution gives you secure access to all your information via the Internet with a web browser.

boxReliable performance you can afford. With Cirrata, there’s no long-term commitment, no storage limitations and no surcharges for hardware or software upgrades. All the Cirrata functionality is yours for a low, monthly fee.

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Cable Resources, Inc. needed collaboration among three different office locations with field technicians while maintaining a high level of security. Cirrata's data access, data sharing and security enhanced Cable Resources Inc.'s on-site delivery of customer services, plus enabled its field technicians to more quickly solve problems, file reports and test equipment.

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