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It's all seamless for me. I don't have to be involved with the technology, and they take very good care of us.
-Alina Anderson
Practice Manager, Centripetal Capital Partners


Teamwork demands open communication – and open communication demands security.

Cirrata Secure delivers complete hardware and software security for your files, folders, and communications, at all times managed by our team of call center and onsite experts.

At Cirrata, security is a process not a product.  That’s why our Cirrata Secure is just that – total.  From end to end, we have embedded the same security technology used by leading corporations throughout our platform, with the:

boxCirrata Secure is a sophisticated hardware and software firewall and router. It physically separates the Internet from your LAN for added protection against hackers and viruses. And because the Cirrata box is on your premises, you control who has access – and who doesn't.

boxLatest encryption technology – SSL and SSH – to safeguard all your transactions from unauthorized users and security threats. We also provide the latest in virus and spyware protection and intrusion prevention and detection, and continually monitor your Cirrata box to pre-empt potential problems before they affect you.

boxFull resources of our industry. We keep on top of the latest news on current attacks and blacklist candidates, to help keep your content safe and available.

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Centripetal Capital Partners, a private equity fund, needed a comprehensive, compliant back-up solution for the large volume of confidential, legally-sensitive documents generated by their investment portfolios. Cirrata's back-up solution saves the firm's practice manager time, while giving the entire Centripetal team a new level of security, regulatory compliant back-up and peace of mind concerning their business critical information. Practice Manager Alina Anderson says, "It's all seamless for me. I don't have to be involved with the technology, and they take very good care of us."

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