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The decision to go with Cirrata was based on cost effectiveness of providing email accounts to a larger percentage of the staff, ability to provide enhanced functionality, such as shared calendaring and the ability to archive emails, to satisfy audit requirements.
-George Tomas
Griffin Hospital


Teamwork can't suffer major disruptions.

Cirrata Recovery is the lowest-cost, highest-value compliant, back-up, restoration and disaster recovery platform available.

If the worst happened, what would happen to your business-critical information? Not sure? With Cirrata Recovery, you would be. Offering two levels of protection, this solution applies the best practices of major, multi-national corporations to your business processes, to keep you doing business:

boxAll data can be backed up onto your Cirrata Secure box – quickly and easily. Whether done automatically or manually, back ups are non-interfering and run behind the scenes at LAN speeds. And all of your company's information – including files, applications, setting, configurations and passwords – starts restoring in minutes.

boxYour critical data is safely stored off-site in a secure location. Simply remove your back-up drive and take it with you at the end of the day.  Then, in the event of a catastrophe, you'll be able to restore your data quickly and easily. We'll also provide you with a new Cirrata Secure box at no charge so your business will be up and running in minutes, rather than hours or days.

boxCirrata uses a “best practices” approach. Our back-up and disaster recovery plans are guaranteed to support current and future regulatory compliance.

Greater peace of mind can begin here.

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Centripetal Capital Partners, a private equity fund, needed a comprehensive, compliant back-up solution for the large volume of confidential, legally-sensitive documents generated by their investment portfolios. Cirrata's back-up solution saves the firm's practice manager time, while giving the entire Centripetal team a new level of security, regulatory compliant back-up and peace of mind concerning their business critical information. Practice Manager Alina Anderson says, "It's all seamless for me. I don't have to be involved with the technology, and they take very good care of us."

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