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What is the market challenge that Cirrata is trying to solve?

Cirrata believes there is a vast market of underserved companies that must have access to certain enterprise grade technology based business solutions in order to remain competitive. However, these solutions come at significant cost for hardware, software and consulting and/or in-house resources all adding up to a strain/commitment on cash flow and human resources that they cannot imagine nor afford.  In desperation, some businesses have chosen to compromise their security, performance, reliability and customer support by engaging perceived economically advantageous hosted solutions.

Why should I consider Cirrata?

Cirrata brings together the most important collection of business hardware and software tools that enable collaboration, and delivers them in one simple platform with one monthly price. Needs change? Add services. Needs change the other way? Cancel. (Our cancellation rate is very nearly zero.)

What is Cirrata’s approach to solving this problem?

Eliminate all the inhibitions associated with the implementation of technology-based business solutions.

We offer a defined service with an affordable fixed monthly fee and no long-term commitment. We install the service in hours not days. Our breakthrough customer support insures that you receive immediate value. We engineer our solutions to be intuitive and easy to use. Basically, our customers are not required to think about any technology, investment in hardware, software licensing issues, installation and maintenance, protection of information or even disaster recovery. As a result our customers immediately begin to enjoy the proven ROI these solutions have delivered to Fortune 500 companies for years without the upfront investment.

Why Teamwork On Demand?

Teamwork is the brains and the brawn of a great business. It is what every enlightened and inspired manager seeks to instill in his organization. And hard as it is to admit, it is what nearly every business lacks. Until now. Cirrata delivers the simple to use platform that enables your employees, customers, vendors and advisers to work in seamless collaboration, increasing productivity, quality, innovation and efficiency-instantly and economically. That is why we say Cirrata Delivers Teamwork On Demand. And when everyone works together, the power of the organization grows exponentially.

What is Teamwork On Demand?

Teamwork On Demand (TOD) is Cirrata’s packaged solution for collaboration offering flexibility, scalability and partnership. With it’s anytime, anywhere, any computer architecture it provides clientless access to a host of capabilities that are effectively intranet/extranet enabled to allow your business easy access to the sharing of your business documents, files and folders, document management, web conferencing, email, calendaring, contact management, and many more essential groupware functions, remote PC access, a completely private instant messaging platform and much more...

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