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Case Study: Griffin Hospital


Griffin Hospital, renowned as one of the top performing quality hospitals in the nation, employs email as a crucial communications link in responsive, health care delivery. The hospital was struggling to cost-effectively meet growing staff demand for email account access.


The Cirrata Contact solution has allowed the hospital to reduce the cost of email accounts thereby allowing them to increase the number of staff email accounts and provide a more collaborative solution at no additional cost. "We were at an impasse trying to balance expense and additional email accounts. Cirrata's Contact enables us to economically meet the staffs need for email access and adds a level of collaboration, security, email backup and flexibility over our previous approach," Peter Gimenez, Manager of Information Services, said.

The hospitals new email solution actually resides on an intelligent appliance at the hospital, providing Microsoft Exchange server functionality with none of the investment in software, hardware, integration or maintenance.

"Cirrata stood up to a comprehensive review by Information Services, senior hospital administrators and end users and was found to be an ideal solution to expand our email availability cost-effectively," Director of Information Services, George Tomas said. "The decision to go with Cirrata was based on cost effectiveness of providing email accounts to a larger percentage of the staff, ability to provide enhanced functionality, such as shared calendaring and the ability to archive emails, to satisfy audit requirements."

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