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Case Study: Cable Resources Inc.


Cable Resources Inc. required access to its data, reports and files, while in the field, in order to fine-tune their products at customer locations for optimal delivery of video, high speed broadband, 2-way, VOIP protocols and HDTV. Plus, three different office locations - Oxford and Bridgeport, Connecticut and Rhode Island - also required access to this information. Security and internet intrusion were an issue as well as potential loss of data storage keys carted from one job location to another.


A Cirrata Box was installed at Cable Resources Inc.'s headquarters in Bridgeport, CT, thereby ensuring central access to its data, reports and files by its employees from any office or field location. Its employees are now able to answer customer questions about current or historical work, i.e., billing, work performed on specific equipment or at a specific site. Clogged email is no longer an issue, plus all proxies are now filed in one place. Dispatchers no longer have to receive, open, verify, re-file and manage the paper. Inventory folders are now kept to ascertain what parts are used historically, what currently, what needs to be reordered and reorder dates. Invoice histories are tracked, checked and verified electronically.

Data access, data sharing and security provided by Cirrata enhanced Cable Resources Inc's on-site delivery of customer services, plus enabled its field technicians to more quickly solve problems, file reports and test equipment. The tracking of inventory, invoices and work histories were bonus results of Cirrata's services for Cable Resources Inc. 

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