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Case Study: Centripetal Capital Partners


Centripetal Capital Partners, a private equity fund raising growth capital for early stage companies, needed a comprehensive, compliant back-up solution for the large volume of confidential, legally-sensitive documents generated by their investment portfolios. Company growth and data volume made the manual back-up process of copying server files to CDs increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming. Staff never felt entirely confident that a complete back-up had been performed, yet lacked the technical expertise to identify and install an appropriate alternative back-up solution.


A Cirrata box was installed at Centripetal headquarters in Stamford, CT and set to automatically back-up the company's file server and settings at LAN speeds. The services "set and forget feature" allows the practice manager to rotate storage "sleeve" on Friday and return Monday to a service notification that a successful back-up, has been completed.

The firm also uses Cirrata's managed security service to keep their information safe and available. The service proactively monitors the Cirrata box for intrusion, viruses and spyware. Any incidents are automatically blocked and reported to Centripetal.

Cirrata's back-up solution saves the firm's practice manager time, while giving the entire Centripetal team a new level of security, regulatory compliant back-up and peace of mind concerning their business critical information. Practice Manager Alina Anderson says, "it's all seamless for me. I don't have to be involved with the technology, and they take very good care of us."

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