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Cirrata makes my company greater than the sum of its parts. It brings the members of our team and our clients together in a way that enables them to move silos and cross pollinate their thinking, ideas and experiences to achieve the unexpected... the truly excellent.
-Mark Stevens
Cirrata was founded on the principle that the availability of robust, customizable technologies combined with changing demands of global business needs and the centrality of collaboration presented the opportunity to solve a large but basic business problem:

How do you turn groups of people in multiple locations into teams that can do more, faster?

The concept of Cirrata, the company, is simple. The founding vision was and remains a company that:

boxWould deliver everything needed to work collaboratively

boxProvided a simple, single pricing program that could be adjusted up – and down

boxPromised comprehensive security that the lawyers would find comfortable

boxDelivered state of the art power with a simple friendly interface

The first environment to experience the Teamwork on Demand solution was one of the most demanding available. Some of the largest global businesses in finance, consulting, and law helped to forge the concept of Teamwork on Demand into a workable, repeatable, deployable, and easily managed solution.

What has worked in providing those large companies with a team-building “escape pod” for years, works as well in allowing smaller companies to leapfrog the costs, risks, time and support needs of complex IT investments. One company’s special purpose vehicle can truly be another company’s enterprise platform.

Today’s economies of scale and advancements in the cost-benefit ratios of the underlying pieces of Teamwork on Demand allows Cirrata to deliver all the power and simplicity in a package, and at pricing, that any company can afford.

Privately-held and based in Stamford, Connecticut, Cirrata serves clients in every industry, and of every size, delivering just the right mix of service and software to make businesses soar.

Explore the world of Cirrata today, and learn how a very small box can bring you very big results.

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